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Temple at Palya

Side Gopura
Side view of the temple
Main deity JadeJanardhana

Quite a peaceful place, currently known as Palya, is a  small village situated on the banks of   two rivers chakra theertha and Shanka theertha( believed the river gets the name from the Shubaangas of Lord vishu's shanka and chakra), surrounded by a cover of   thick green lands, paddy fields, arecanut and coconut farms, smaller traditional tiled village houses and dense forest.   Temple to Lord  Shree LakshmiJanadradhanaswamy is located on the plain high fields of these rivers.

Stone emboss of Bala Krishna

   History of the temple:  It is said that, the temple has an history of 1200 years.  It is also believed as "Padmavathipura" , which gets its name over goddess Padmavathi's penance and  history says that   Lord Indra worshiped Shree LakshmiJanardhana here,so the place was called "IndraPrastaPuri" to.

History of the place: Demon Vintanka penances to Lord Rameshwara and receives a boon of not getting killed by any creature or any living being or by any god or goddess, or even by the greats lords Thrimurthi's and wildly lived strongly, forbidding,   people accessing out of  the village and to the temple, torturing and troubling them.  People helplessly pray to p Goddess Padmavathi.  Looking at the situation  Goddess Padmavathi's penance to Lord Bramha, Lord Vishnu and Lord Maheshwara, requesting them to incarnate  in one form to kill the demon Vitanka.  The lord incarantes and slays the demon Vitanka in one form of Bramha, vishnu and Maheshwara,  with the Chakra.  The Mula Murthi(Main Deity) or Pooja Murthi bares all characteristic features of  threemurthi's, which consists of  Threat( janivara) and Kopina to say Bramha, Shanka and Chakra of Vishnu and Jade or plated hair of Lord Maheswara.

Temple Campus

Temple is built using hard stone in an area of 2 acres.  Wall and pedestals are kept simple, a couple of embossed sculptures can be seen in few corners.  Temple and deities  have stronger influence of Ramanujachara from  the 11th and the 12th century.  The temple is dedicated to the Vaishnavas. Other deities  of Lord Hanumantha, Vigneshawara, Krishna from the 15th century can be seen  in the temples campus.

Temple Campus
Designs are made using a propositional mixture of  jaggery and limestone.

Lord Vishnu with Lakshmi on his Lap. Right(guru Ramanujacharya) left (Shankaracharya)

Disciples of Ramanujacharaya

Disciples of Ramanujacharaya

Emboss on the temple wall. Dancing BalaKrishna


Temple Campus

Embossed image of a lady

Embossed image of Lord Krishna

Embossed image of Sri Rama slaying Demon Maricha

Ravan as Saint(stonewall Emboss)

     Currently the temple is under renovation.

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