Sunday, April 8, 2012

True Nature.

The amount of passion we shower on to the art, is the amount of maturity as an artist and the understanding of true Nature of the art is established! " Evolving with Art" is not a simple statement or a phrase , but which takes you more deep into the world of inner perception. Aesthetics is for worldly presentation,as appearance does matter or for any sake of its presentation, to make it look more sophisticated. As I mentioned earlier , to establish the true nature of Art, as an individual, one should know what Art says or how it communicates with our consciousness, connecting our thoughts, perceptions, deep concern to its evolving. My Guru Vidhushi Ambale Rajeshwari always ended her conversation to art with the punching lines which says: Don't go wider, but go much more deeper to understand it, connecting it with an example , which says: "More deeper you dig, more you explore and discover, silver, Gold, Diamonds,Ruby and etc., Wider you dig, you find non. How true! these lines are.. They connected well with our materialistic world.. They connect well with our valuable emotions that we show to our owned materials scattered across our rooms or our living space. Patience certainly does matter. patience with hard work makes it more meaningful. Every time I solve a puzzle or deal with riddles , I find confident 'me'... but non the rest. I get drained thinking about what have I done to solve or how I have solved it? But, when I realize, having done nothing but faced it with patience yet keeping my day to day routine. The hard factor of suffering has dropped down and the joy has conquered my mind, liberating free from those.. This is what Art has done to me. It is filling my empty pot with wisdom, with the knowledge of identifying my true nature , making me understand its true nature with time and experience. More deeper I am digging, more liter and subtle I am growing. " I know nothing, know nothing but just to dance.. No nothing but just to explore, No nothing, but just to experience, No nothing apart from breathing to live with Art".

To the true nature - Mr. Hanumanthu(Makeup artist-whom I have seen for the past 22 years) added- Smaller cities are like ponds, rivers and lake, where small fishes( artists), in sweet water, happily swim being in their own world of joy..But when the river joins the ocean(Metro cities) ( Salt by nature with bigger fishes like whales, shark etc., they start feasting on these sweet water fishes to fill their tummy, leaving no mark of their existence or by forcing small fishes to hide and mingle with salty behavior. Wow what a thought process and how true these lines are.

It's very true , that the path we have chosen has many difficulties , even while facing people, while dealing with many individuals... We are left with a confused state of mind. Recent sufferings, while dealing with couple of situations in life, with a confused state of mind, lacking focus on work and passion and its impact on my body , mind and soul was clearly seen,with which being disturbed, a close mate of mine , with politeness, with patience ,educated me with the lessons he received form his Guru Dayananda Saraswathi .. brought my confidence back and helped to focus only on passion. Those lines which inspired me are : " when people mistake you a lot, it means you are responsible. you are giving too much freedom for people to walk into your life and mess it up.. a moment of flirting for you can be a life time- scar for some one.. so don't let wrong signals go out ever". "You don't have to be nice.. It's okay to seem rude and arrogant in the beginning. People who really love you will wait. So hold back and only after you are 100% sure of the other persons good will, show your good side to him. Other wise people will think you are easy". " you should touch and show affection to three people in life - your students, your blood and Skin and people you want to keep for life". And he concluded with the sentence which said, " I followed these seriously and my life changed drastically. Then he added, Even I did not liked it earlier.., but with time, realized how classy I became. How very less came into my life". How true! How realistic, how grateful thoughts these are! Indeed my respect and devotion to that person grew twice what I had earlier. Lines to him: How thankful I am to you. It can't be expressed in words of gratitude.. you touched my soul not just with your words, but with your simplicity and honest thoughts.. Can't imagine my life with out your presence oh my dear soul mate! You are very special.. who stood close and increased my will power to face the naked truth of life and the Practical present. You stood as my brother, my friend, my soul mate, my Guru and guide, with your mere experiences, which made you a man of complete thoughts and a great human being. My respectful, sincere, heartily salute to you oh! the soul of greater thoughts! You who made me read Siddhartha, which influenced and convinced me to actual cycle of thought processes. (Dear friend I specially wanted to share these lines here.. to just ably help people who go through the same phase as I did) Thank you.

To the earlier posting one of my dear dear friend Robert Ganshorn added-"you are seeming to have mental growth spurt young sapling! It is all a part of becoming an old tree! In my experience, except the best of others while accepting they are not perfect or as disciplined as you might be give the best of yourself to the world with an open hand and it is returned to you many times over. Thank you for posting this. I had a small set back recently and was feeling glum, but merely asking the question.. 'How do I live my life" causes me to have the greatest happiness for you. This means you are thinking about your life which is an unusual thing for any person. Remember - "Celebrate each day of your life by performing same secret act of kindness you keep to yourself. private charity is twenty times as important as public munificence. Now young prince, remember the final lesson of life in humility coupled with gratitude smiles to you!"

I specially take this opportunity to thank those beautiful people, who touched my life in various ways, which has helped me grow and evolve as an individual and face the worlds naked truth:

My beloved parents- Who both have given me the life, without which I could never be able to see this beautiful life. Every step, right from the day one till today, are with the patterns of what you both follow. Dad said-- Life is a challenge, which you have to face and learn from the particle sources available. General knowledge is the only key, that will guide you through our your life cycle. Mom said- Don't cry for what time has thought you, but count it more as step or a chance given , to improvise your personality. Never care for what world thinks about you, but think what you think about you. Don't judge people for what they do, but see that you don't over react for their supplements.

Dear "Bondhu"(Mirajur Rahamann)-- I always remember you for what you have been and all those years we have spent together, exploring colors, essence and aesthetics of life. I miss you in every possible way. The days and nights we have spent together , discussing about the true nature of not only Art but about Life, complimenting each other, which we do even today! Bondhu you know how much you mean to me in my life.. thanks for always being there.

Guru ji ( Ambale Rajeshwari)-- Who made me able to think and dance.. who always stood next to me supporting and encouraging and believing in me. you hold my hand every day, in every move I take while or before I dance. Not just as an artist but as a true Human Being. You have ably made me face and challenge the world , bestowing your knowledge and energy , with patience and time, educating us in various way, giving freedom to think about everything that I do today.

My living space and city-- Oh place of miracle, I have learn t to scroll and move and walk on you.. Never you complained , but with patience you nourished me with the true nature of your simplicity. I live with you every moment, I live with your space, never I see you complain but with patience you gulp our mistakes.. The aesthetic thoughts to those people you gave! Have decorated you with priceless Art , capturing them in various ways, to see you happy with charm.
Books and Arts in my life- thoughts and dreams I see , learn t it from thee , knowledge and wisdom you shower, have changed my life of desire. Not just one or two , but in thousands you flow, captured essence of life , where you all reside.

Art - "you touched my soul,I see not me, but you in me.. the world sees not me, but you! You chose me but not me, but my soul to see me through you".

"My true nature Is my true identity"

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