Thursday, April 5, 2012


Just remembering the days spent in different countries so far!( As a travel, as a student of life, as a performer and as a human being) Was just wondering of various experiences in different phases of life at certain levels! People I have met, People I have lived with, People with whom I shared the best moments.. Have they all turned dark with their thoughts? Non have except for few! Few demand respect , few command respect! Whom do you think I would appreciate more? Of course who commands respect with their behavior, with their attitude, personality, ability, presentation , sophisticated living and Disciple! I have adapted the best of every culture I lived with, The best I appreciated, The best then and today I live with!
Have enjoyed the comforts of a prince, of a king and equally have shared the darkest nights, screaming loud just to regain my identity and individuality! We all or many of us might have gone through the same process of perfecting life facing these experiences! The moment I was back home, Realized, how much I have matured as an individual, as a human , amalgamated myself to the worldly culture and found one with no joke or looking back, but a man , who can tolerate , number of consequences ,in which one can't just look back, but always can count on the present , facing the situation !

Being tough- is not easy, being soft- is not required, being selfish- at times, being selfless- most of the time! A man of choice who chooses the best, A man of business sees non, but business! A man of thought , would think twice before every action and reaction.. How should I react? being tough , or being soft, or being selfish, or selfless? A question which is not easy to answer, or just might change its phase on requirement!

Non of us know the existing fact nor we might care, Only few are focused with equal distractions. For few life is just Physical, for many life is a game. And for me life is an achievement with focus not just to succeeded in the path, but a complete surrendering!

with process of learning, to fill the incomplete pot of my wisdom..

Stop bothering me oh! riddles!


  1. I love this post! So well articulated! Brilliant! Beautiful!

  2. very true...... you are a multitalented person.. performer, choreographer, poet, orator, a good friend of all, guide, well wisher.... this 'phase' thoroughly explains all your way around...