Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Foolish Boy!

Emotions-- that flow deep from your heart, deep from individuals thoughts , deep for those concerns, deep from pair of eyes. Many come, but few stay and others leave. Few leave unforgettable moments, which reminds of joy but few reminds of scars which never fades. A small story ,which inevitably deals with many individuals personal life.
A boy, who lived happily ,in a small town., who strongly believed in mother nature. Who loved being cuddled by nature, holding his hand , hugging him every now and then, swinging him under the natures canopy with twined creepers, showering flower of different colors and size. Heard singing birds and bzzzzzzzzzzzing bees, every morning, feeling the fresh breeze filled with fragrance. Day started with gardening and cleaning the yard, watering his beloved plants. His emotional attachment grew stronger and unique,, connected him more deep into the Nature. Emotionally , morally attached to his beloved parents, friends and family. As the day passed, he grew older and efficient to explore the other phase of world. He started traveling exploring near by village, cities and states, learning different culture, people, traditions, picking up the best to evolve and adopt. Exposure brought him to a level, allowing him to grow attached to people whom he trusted as good companions! He traveled across different nations,meeting and understanding people and their culture, living and traditional values, history and growth, dressing and presentation, value of quality of aesthetics and its importance, which projected quite well in his behavior and attitude of his day to day life. Improvements in boys behavior drew him close to near by cities to present his crafted artifacts to passionate people. knowing nothing about the people, he grew close to a couple of people , who them self presented as simple, selfless, jovial and similar minded passionate people! Few left, finding the boy a little sophisticated and strict, few left the boy, finding him more philosophical, but one stayed , not cos he was talented, but a easy prey. Initial attitude of the individual was very simple, presenting himself being very orthodox , passionate, keenly interested in every thing artistic. The boy grew strongly attached emotionally to the individual believing. The fellow Individual promoted him, took him to places, introducing people and the market, where he can exhibit the crafted Artifacts. The boy considered him as family called him "The dear most Brother", respected him, considered him with concerns, introducing his family, closely bringing them all together, but made a mistake in understanding the individuals orientation and expectations behind his every help and move. As the day passed, the boy was forced to go physical, was molested, was forcefully seduced to go high few times,, binding him with words of concern and love. The boy being foolish, in a situation quite uncertain and helpless.. took these things lighter and carried on his work with deep respect and dedication to what ever he did. Individual's force on the boy was carried strongly day by day, hurting the boys feelings and emotions, keeping him soft and speechless for months. Individual's desire of talking leaked all the hidden secrets and nightmare out to his close friend, Who happened to be a concerned and a responsible person, caring for the victim boy from the town. The boy gets a message from the fellow individual's friend , who wanted to share and discuss about things he heard from the individual, which he truly considered which was giving a lot of negative vibes, distributing the boys concentration and dedication towards his exhibition and fine craftsmanship.
Friend of the fellow individual , explained the boy, about the true nature by removing the mask of selfless , showing how selfish and vulgar he is. The boy left in a confused state, unable to make any immediate decisions, suffered mental torture, living under the same shelter helplessly to keep up the commitments and work. The boy was lost for a while, unable to make any moves, thought he was lost ,with no space left for his thoughts, perceptions, imagination that he had made. All the possible gates looked closed, blocked completely with no desire , and allowed the time to pass by gulping what ever had which negatively provoked. Individual's thoughts were never clear but a masked selfish man , who used the boy to fulfill his physical hunger even knowing the boy never willed or liked it . Even with a clearer discussion, with the scream filled with cries was no heard, but was took the boys emotions for granted, humiliating , literally tried raping the boy while he was asleep. Poking him with vulgar words, abusing him and insulting him with no kindness but with anger and haste, calling the boy a joker, a village boy, a showoff guy, kindles , cunning and much more. Draining the boys hard work, and make him fall down in front of few eyes. No wonder if he has used many in the past and might do the same in future ,, hurting and leading many such boys for his selfish and physical hunger. Many selfish individuals do this.. they take people for granted, they play with their emotions and feelings, misusing their conditions, situations , considering it or calling it being supportive with affection. How foolish the boy in the story is? Indeed he is a fool, who never thought twice before his early decisions, but he was only fantasied with the available opportunities to exhibit his crafted Artifacts. If he had waited a little more with patience, he would have played more safe and undisturbed.


  1. very nice story unnath... but only thing is innocence should not be labelled as foolishness. Innocence should remain forever in every individuals.Manasugala mugdhatheyondige aaduva swaarthigalige dhikkaaravirali.

    1. Well innocence to an extent is ok.. but once exposed to the outer world, innocence shouldn't be an edge of foolishness..Bhagya.. In the story, the boy to an extent is innocent , but not a child.. He know right and wrong, he understands the prospective of life... more over has traveled a lot, understanding various culture and people.. so we just can't count it a complete innocence.., but shows how he was fooled and become a fool at the end!