Friday, April 13, 2012

Aatma! The supreme soul!

Every Philosophy of world speaks the same principle in a different way.. There is always been an argument of Birth and rebirth. Few believe in Rebirth, few deny and say "Depending on the karama or kreeya, the aatma or jeeva goes to heaven or hell". But few other philosophies of the world says, Aatma dies with the body and there is no re birth. But Jain philosophy of Jina says, " Aatma is Anantaadi", Which never dies, but sheds the body and changes its form. It can be in any form of insect or an animal. In constant changing cycle it just refines and reaches a supreme state of pure soul. In Saamahika paata a Kruthi by Shree Amitagati aacharyadeva speaks of Aatmavichara( Self-enquiry) at different stages of Kevalagnana.(wisdom):The word Samayika means being in the moment of continuous real-time.The aim of Samayika is to transcend our daily experiences as the "constantly changing" human beings, The Jeeva, and allow identification with the "changeless" reality in practitioner, The Aatma. which also speaks of
oneness among all living beings:

"Satvesumaitrim Gunishubramoodam,

klestesu jeeveshu krupaaparatvam

maadyastabhavam vepareetavrutow

sadha mamaatma vidhadatu deva!"

"A meaningful bonding of oneness among all living being, sympathy and helpful nature towards the suffering, unconditional happiness towards the souls and the capacity to love and flourish an able bond between good and bad , are the basic qualities of supreme soul. Oh Lord! bestow those qualities to me".

Deha or body is very momentary or kshanika. We drive our desires to fulfill its needs than that of our Aatma. Our attachment tends much stronger for the physical form than the inner form. We present our physical form , being made more decorative and quite well polished , nourishing it time to time to make it look the best. what about Aatma? We just carelessly take it for granted. The stooladeha feasts on everything it needs , but the sukshma deha suffers of hunger. Aatma needs Kevalagnana, which is only possible by satvikaguna, which has its control in our mind. To nourish, and fulfill the hunger of aatma is possible only when our mind and soul connects, establishing a healthy relationship of understanding each others quality and nature.

Guru Shree shree shree Charukeerthibattarakamaha swamyji said " Deha(Body) and Aatma(Soul) in bonding look one when seen, but there is a lot of difference in them" Explains it with an example, which says, Take a Banana, peal it, take a knife, cut the Banana into two equal half, then join them together.. People from far, or close when joined, may not see the joint or the gap established, even after joining it, but that makes the difference.. in one complete banana or a cut-joined Banana...

Touch the soul, not just the body....

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