Monday, July 16, 2012

Temple at Palya

Side Gopura
Side view of the temple
Main deity JadeJanardhana

Quite a peaceful place, currently known as Palya, is a  small village situated on the banks of   two rivers chakra theertha and Shanka theertha( believed the river gets the name from the Shubaangas of Lord vishu's shanka and chakra), surrounded by a cover of   thick green lands, paddy fields, arecanut and coconut farms, smaller traditional tiled village houses and dense forest.   Temple to Lord  Shree LakshmiJanadradhanaswamy is located on the plain high fields of these rivers.

Stone emboss of Bala Krishna

   History of the temple:  It is said that, the temple has an history of 1200 years.  It is also believed as "Padmavathipura" , which gets its name over goddess Padmavathi's penance and  history says that   Lord Indra worshiped Shree LakshmiJanardhana here,so the place was called "IndraPrastaPuri" to.

History of the place: Demon Vintanka penances to Lord Rameshwara and receives a boon of not getting killed by any creature or any living being or by any god or goddess, or even by the greats lords Thrimurthi's and wildly lived strongly, forbidding,   people accessing out of  the village and to the temple, torturing and troubling them.  People helplessly pray to p Goddess Padmavathi.  Looking at the situation  Goddess Padmavathi's penance to Lord Bramha, Lord Vishnu and Lord Maheshwara, requesting them to incarnate  in one form to kill the demon Vitanka.  The lord incarantes and slays the demon Vitanka in one form of Bramha, vishnu and Maheshwara,  with the Chakra.  The Mula Murthi(Main Deity) or Pooja Murthi bares all characteristic features of  threemurthi's, which consists of  Threat( janivara) and Kopina to say Bramha, Shanka and Chakra of Vishnu and Jade or plated hair of Lord Maheswara.

Temple Campus

Temple is built using hard stone in an area of 2 acres.  Wall and pedestals are kept simple, a couple of embossed sculptures can be seen in few corners.  Temple and deities  have stronger influence of Ramanujachara from  the 11th and the 12th century.  The temple is dedicated to the Vaishnavas. Other deities  of Lord Hanumantha, Vigneshawara, Krishna from the 15th century can be seen  in the temples campus.

Temple Campus
Designs are made using a propositional mixture of  jaggery and limestone.

Lord Vishnu with Lakshmi on his Lap. Right(guru Ramanujacharya) left (Shankaracharya)

Disciples of Ramanujacharaya

Disciples of Ramanujacharaya

Emboss on the temple wall. Dancing BalaKrishna


Temple Campus

Embossed image of a lady

Embossed image of Lord Krishna

Embossed image of Sri Rama slaying Demon Maricha

Ravan as Saint(stonewall Emboss)

     Currently the temple is under renovation.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Aatma! The supreme soul!

Every Philosophy of world speaks the same principle in a different way.. There is always been an argument of Birth and rebirth. Few believe in Rebirth, few deny and say "Depending on the karama or kreeya, the aatma or jeeva goes to heaven or hell". But few other philosophies of the world says, Aatma dies with the body and there is no re birth. But Jain philosophy of Jina says, " Aatma is Anantaadi", Which never dies, but sheds the body and changes its form. It can be in any form of insect or an animal. In constant changing cycle it just refines and reaches a supreme state of pure soul. In Saamahika paata a Kruthi by Shree Amitagati aacharyadeva speaks of Aatmavichara( Self-enquiry) at different stages of Kevalagnana.(wisdom):The word Samayika means being in the moment of continuous real-time.The aim of Samayika is to transcend our daily experiences as the "constantly changing" human beings, The Jeeva, and allow identification with the "changeless" reality in practitioner, The Aatma. which also speaks of
oneness among all living beings:

"Satvesumaitrim Gunishubramoodam,

klestesu jeeveshu krupaaparatvam

maadyastabhavam vepareetavrutow

sadha mamaatma vidhadatu deva!"

"A meaningful bonding of oneness among all living being, sympathy and helpful nature towards the suffering, unconditional happiness towards the souls and the capacity to love and flourish an able bond between good and bad , are the basic qualities of supreme soul. Oh Lord! bestow those qualities to me".

Deha or body is very momentary or kshanika. We drive our desires to fulfill its needs than that of our Aatma. Our attachment tends much stronger for the physical form than the inner form. We present our physical form , being made more decorative and quite well polished , nourishing it time to time to make it look the best. what about Aatma? We just carelessly take it for granted. The stooladeha feasts on everything it needs , but the sukshma deha suffers of hunger. Aatma needs Kevalagnana, which is only possible by satvikaguna, which has its control in our mind. To nourish, and fulfill the hunger of aatma is possible only when our mind and soul connects, establishing a healthy relationship of understanding each others quality and nature.

Guru Shree shree shree Charukeerthibattarakamaha swamyji said " Deha(Body) and Aatma(Soul) in bonding look one when seen, but there is a lot of difference in them" Explains it with an example, which says, Take a Banana, peal it, take a knife, cut the Banana into two equal half, then join them together.. People from far, or close when joined, may not see the joint or the gap established, even after joining it, but that makes the difference.. in one complete banana or a cut-joined Banana...

Touch the soul, not just the body....

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Foolish Boy!

Emotions-- that flow deep from your heart, deep from individuals thoughts , deep for those concerns, deep from pair of eyes. Many come, but few stay and others leave. Few leave unforgettable moments, which reminds of joy but few reminds of scars which never fades. A small story ,which inevitably deals with many individuals personal life.
A boy, who lived happily ,in a small town., who strongly believed in mother nature. Who loved being cuddled by nature, holding his hand , hugging him every now and then, swinging him under the natures canopy with twined creepers, showering flower of different colors and size. Heard singing birds and bzzzzzzzzzzzing bees, every morning, feeling the fresh breeze filled with fragrance. Day started with gardening and cleaning the yard, watering his beloved plants. His emotional attachment grew stronger and unique,, connected him more deep into the Nature. Emotionally , morally attached to his beloved parents, friends and family. As the day passed, he grew older and efficient to explore the other phase of world. He started traveling exploring near by village, cities and states, learning different culture, people, traditions, picking up the best to evolve and adopt. Exposure brought him to a level, allowing him to grow attached to people whom he trusted as good companions! He traveled across different nations,meeting and understanding people and their culture, living and traditional values, history and growth, dressing and presentation, value of quality of aesthetics and its importance, which projected quite well in his behavior and attitude of his day to day life. Improvements in boys behavior drew him close to near by cities to present his crafted artifacts to passionate people. knowing nothing about the people, he grew close to a couple of people , who them self presented as simple, selfless, jovial and similar minded passionate people! Few left, finding the boy a little sophisticated and strict, few left the boy, finding him more philosophical, but one stayed , not cos he was talented, but a easy prey. Initial attitude of the individual was very simple, presenting himself being very orthodox , passionate, keenly interested in every thing artistic. The boy grew strongly attached emotionally to the individual believing. The fellow Individual promoted him, took him to places, introducing people and the market, where he can exhibit the crafted Artifacts. The boy considered him as family called him "The dear most Brother", respected him, considered him with concerns, introducing his family, closely bringing them all together, but made a mistake in understanding the individuals orientation and expectations behind his every help and move. As the day passed, the boy was forced to go physical, was molested, was forcefully seduced to go high few times,, binding him with words of concern and love. The boy being foolish, in a situation quite uncertain and helpless.. took these things lighter and carried on his work with deep respect and dedication to what ever he did. Individual's force on the boy was carried strongly day by day, hurting the boys feelings and emotions, keeping him soft and speechless for months. Individual's desire of talking leaked all the hidden secrets and nightmare out to his close friend, Who happened to be a concerned and a responsible person, caring for the victim boy from the town. The boy gets a message from the fellow individual's friend , who wanted to share and discuss about things he heard from the individual, which he truly considered which was giving a lot of negative vibes, distributing the boys concentration and dedication towards his exhibition and fine craftsmanship.
Friend of the fellow individual , explained the boy, about the true nature by removing the mask of selfless , showing how selfish and vulgar he is. The boy left in a confused state, unable to make any immediate decisions, suffered mental torture, living under the same shelter helplessly to keep up the commitments and work. The boy was lost for a while, unable to make any moves, thought he was lost ,with no space left for his thoughts, perceptions, imagination that he had made. All the possible gates looked closed, blocked completely with no desire , and allowed the time to pass by gulping what ever had which negatively provoked. Individual's thoughts were never clear but a masked selfish man , who used the boy to fulfill his physical hunger even knowing the boy never willed or liked it . Even with a clearer discussion, with the scream filled with cries was no heard, but was took the boys emotions for granted, humiliating , literally tried raping the boy while he was asleep. Poking him with vulgar words, abusing him and insulting him with no kindness but with anger and haste, calling the boy a joker, a village boy, a showoff guy, kindles , cunning and much more. Draining the boys hard work, and make him fall down in front of few eyes. No wonder if he has used many in the past and might do the same in future ,, hurting and leading many such boys for his selfish and physical hunger. Many selfish individuals do this.. they take people for granted, they play with their emotions and feelings, misusing their conditions, situations , considering it or calling it being supportive with affection. How foolish the boy in the story is? Indeed he is a fool, who never thought twice before his early decisions, but he was only fantasied with the available opportunities to exhibit his crafted Artifacts. If he had waited a little more with patience, he would have played more safe and undisturbed.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

True Nature.

The amount of passion we shower on to the art, is the amount of maturity as an artist and the understanding of true Nature of the art is established! " Evolving with Art" is not a simple statement or a phrase , but which takes you more deep into the world of inner perception. Aesthetics is for worldly presentation,as appearance does matter or for any sake of its presentation, to make it look more sophisticated. As I mentioned earlier , to establish the true nature of Art, as an individual, one should know what Art says or how it communicates with our consciousness, connecting our thoughts, perceptions, deep concern to its evolving. My Guru Vidhushi Ambale Rajeshwari always ended her conversation to art with the punching lines which says: Don't go wider, but go much more deeper to understand it, connecting it with an example , which says: "More deeper you dig, more you explore and discover, silver, Gold, Diamonds,Ruby and etc., Wider you dig, you find non. How true! these lines are.. They connected well with our materialistic world.. They connect well with our valuable emotions that we show to our owned materials scattered across our rooms or our living space. Patience certainly does matter. patience with hard work makes it more meaningful. Every time I solve a puzzle or deal with riddles , I find confident 'me'... but non the rest. I get drained thinking about what have I done to solve or how I have solved it? But, when I realize, having done nothing but faced it with patience yet keeping my day to day routine. The hard factor of suffering has dropped down and the joy has conquered my mind, liberating free from those.. This is what Art has done to me. It is filling my empty pot with wisdom, with the knowledge of identifying my true nature , making me understand its true nature with time and experience. More deeper I am digging, more liter and subtle I am growing. " I know nothing, know nothing but just to dance.. No nothing but just to explore, No nothing, but just to experience, No nothing apart from breathing to live with Art".

To the true nature - Mr. Hanumanthu(Makeup artist-whom I have seen for the past 22 years) added- Smaller cities are like ponds, rivers and lake, where small fishes( artists), in sweet water, happily swim being in their own world of joy..But when the river joins the ocean(Metro cities) ( Salt by nature with bigger fishes like whales, shark etc., they start feasting on these sweet water fishes to fill their tummy, leaving no mark of their existence or by forcing small fishes to hide and mingle with salty behavior. Wow what a thought process and how true these lines are.

It's very true , that the path we have chosen has many difficulties , even while facing people, while dealing with many individuals... We are left with a confused state of mind. Recent sufferings, while dealing with couple of situations in life, with a confused state of mind, lacking focus on work and passion and its impact on my body , mind and soul was clearly seen,with which being disturbed, a close mate of mine , with politeness, with patience ,educated me with the lessons he received form his Guru Dayananda Saraswathi .. brought my confidence back and helped to focus only on passion. Those lines which inspired me are : " when people mistake you a lot, it means you are responsible. you are giving too much freedom for people to walk into your life and mess it up.. a moment of flirting for you can be a life time- scar for some one.. so don't let wrong signals go out ever". "You don't have to be nice.. It's okay to seem rude and arrogant in the beginning. People who really love you will wait. So hold back and only after you are 100% sure of the other persons good will, show your good side to him. Other wise people will think you are easy". " you should touch and show affection to three people in life - your students, your blood and Skin and people you want to keep for life". And he concluded with the sentence which said, " I followed these seriously and my life changed drastically. Then he added, Even I did not liked it earlier.., but with time, realized how classy I became. How very less came into my life". How true! How realistic, how grateful thoughts these are! Indeed my respect and devotion to that person grew twice what I had earlier. Lines to him: How thankful I am to you. It can't be expressed in words of gratitude.. you touched my soul not just with your words, but with your simplicity and honest thoughts.. Can't imagine my life with out your presence oh my dear soul mate! You are very special.. who stood close and increased my will power to face the naked truth of life and the Practical present. You stood as my brother, my friend, my soul mate, my Guru and guide, with your mere experiences, which made you a man of complete thoughts and a great human being. My respectful, sincere, heartily salute to you oh! the soul of greater thoughts! You who made me read Siddhartha, which influenced and convinced me to actual cycle of thought processes. (Dear friend I specially wanted to share these lines here.. to just ably help people who go through the same phase as I did) Thank you.

To the earlier posting one of my dear dear friend Robert Ganshorn added-"you are seeming to have mental growth spurt young sapling! It is all a part of becoming an old tree! In my experience, except the best of others while accepting they are not perfect or as disciplined as you might be give the best of yourself to the world with an open hand and it is returned to you many times over. Thank you for posting this. I had a small set back recently and was feeling glum, but merely asking the question.. 'How do I live my life" causes me to have the greatest happiness for you. This means you are thinking about your life which is an unusual thing for any person. Remember - "Celebrate each day of your life by performing same secret act of kindness you keep to yourself. private charity is twenty times as important as public munificence. Now young prince, remember the final lesson of life in humility coupled with gratitude smiles to you!"

I specially take this opportunity to thank those beautiful people, who touched my life in various ways, which has helped me grow and evolve as an individual and face the worlds naked truth:

My beloved parents- Who both have given me the life, without which I could never be able to see this beautiful life. Every step, right from the day one till today, are with the patterns of what you both follow. Dad said-- Life is a challenge, which you have to face and learn from the particle sources available. General knowledge is the only key, that will guide you through our your life cycle. Mom said- Don't cry for what time has thought you, but count it more as step or a chance given , to improvise your personality. Never care for what world thinks about you, but think what you think about you. Don't judge people for what they do, but see that you don't over react for their supplements.

Dear "Bondhu"(Mirajur Rahamann)-- I always remember you for what you have been and all those years we have spent together, exploring colors, essence and aesthetics of life. I miss you in every possible way. The days and nights we have spent together , discussing about the true nature of not only Art but about Life, complimenting each other, which we do even today! Bondhu you know how much you mean to me in my life.. thanks for always being there.

Guru ji ( Ambale Rajeshwari)-- Who made me able to think and dance.. who always stood next to me supporting and encouraging and believing in me. you hold my hand every day, in every move I take while or before I dance. Not just as an artist but as a true Human Being. You have ably made me face and challenge the world , bestowing your knowledge and energy , with patience and time, educating us in various way, giving freedom to think about everything that I do today.

My living space and city-- Oh place of miracle, I have learn t to scroll and move and walk on you.. Never you complained , but with patience you nourished me with the true nature of your simplicity. I live with you every moment, I live with your space, never I see you complain but with patience you gulp our mistakes.. The aesthetic thoughts to those people you gave! Have decorated you with priceless Art , capturing them in various ways, to see you happy with charm.
Books and Arts in my life- thoughts and dreams I see , learn t it from thee , knowledge and wisdom you shower, have changed my life of desire. Not just one or two , but in thousands you flow, captured essence of life , where you all reside.

Art - "you touched my soul,I see not me, but you in me.. the world sees not me, but you! You chose me but not me, but my soul to see me through you".

"My true nature Is my true identity"

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Just remembering the days spent in different countries so far!( As a travel, as a student of life, as a performer and as a human being) Was just wondering of various experiences in different phases of life at certain levels! People I have met, People I have lived with, People with whom I shared the best moments.. Have they all turned dark with their thoughts? Non have except for few! Few demand respect , few command respect! Whom do you think I would appreciate more? Of course who commands respect with their behavior, with their attitude, personality, ability, presentation , sophisticated living and Disciple! I have adapted the best of every culture I lived with, The best I appreciated, The best then and today I live with!
Have enjoyed the comforts of a prince, of a king and equally have shared the darkest nights, screaming loud just to regain my identity and individuality! We all or many of us might have gone through the same process of perfecting life facing these experiences! The moment I was back home, Realized, how much I have matured as an individual, as a human , amalgamated myself to the worldly culture and found one with no joke or looking back, but a man , who can tolerate , number of consequences ,in which one can't just look back, but always can count on the present , facing the situation !

Being tough- is not easy, being soft- is not required, being selfish- at times, being selfless- most of the time! A man of choice who chooses the best, A man of business sees non, but business! A man of thought , would think twice before every action and reaction.. How should I react? being tough , or being soft, or being selfish, or selfless? A question which is not easy to answer, or just might change its phase on requirement!

Non of us know the existing fact nor we might care, Only few are focused with equal distractions. For few life is just Physical, for many life is a game. And for me life is an achievement with focus not just to succeeded in the path, but a complete surrendering!

with process of learning, to fill the incomplete pot of my wisdom..

Stop bothering me oh! riddles!