Monday, August 15, 2011

Stone Manuscripts...

Orphaned stone Manuscript at Sriramadevarakatte

A temple like structure build with two stone manuscripts left uncared and two inside the structure.

A manual system that was being used centuries ago by the kings and leaders to give an account of description about their work , prosperity , rule, extension, treasure, denotations, constructional work and so on…which was widely popular among most of the kingdoms in the world! And was believed, as one of the most efficient and convenient way to record anything mentioned above!


Different medium were used by the sculptor or the artist to create a manuscript, A medium can be any hard material like, stone, metallic sheets, palm leaf, leather or wooden slabs, on which the writing or images were chiseled or written or scratched using a metal or a sharp edged knife or a chisel, or natural extracted colors.

Popular medium to create a manuscript

Most popular medium used was mostly stone, leather and palm leaf. Though stones being one of the hardest medium, skilled and well trained sculptor were ordered to create, as it was easy to store the content written on it for years. Different stage by stage procedure were used depending upon the medium used by sculptor.

Where can we see or find them?

The manuscripts are widely seen all over the ancient temple complex, or at archeological survive areas. Today mostly at the popular museums all over the world!

Orphaned stone manuscripts

As a matter of fact, in India today we find hundred’s of them left uncared or thrown away or neglected. Most of them are being used by the rural people as supporting slabs for their sitting areas, some use them for house foundations or some blindly worship. Archeological departments need to focus more on restoring these manuscripts by collecting them from various parts restoring them, which will help historians to come out with rarer facts and unknown secrets of past rulers and kingdoms.

Notice to all readers

I have attached a sheet which has numbers of various officers of Archaeological survey of India under Ministry of Culture. My dear friends if you find any orphaned stone sculptures, stone scripts, and manuscripts, unknown historical sites nearby or while on your visits, kindly feel free to contact any of the officials depending on your locality and give them the information. Thank you.

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