Thursday, August 4, 2011

Selfless Mother

As a girl on earth you came and grew,

Gave the joy to those, who loved you!

Nor one less or for more to other ,

you the one, made earth move for them.

As a wife , you joined a man

Became a part of him with soul

Emotions and feelings of you flow

just not love but the world of dream

you held him on his every foul

selflessly gave him that you had all.

As a mother, milk you gave

Felt the joy even in pain

Never you cared of life you had,

affection and care you bestowed on

to grow and Nourish a child you love!

As a woman , you know it all.

A teacher in you for the worldly love

to present the best of you had it all!

Guiding and molding , teaching and

Nourishing , not just for one

But for all !

Grey and wrinkled for the world you are

a child in you is what non see,

a mother in you , nor one cares,

or, of you as old one bother,

but have learn t the best of you

to be the human of selfless joy!

Oh mother! Great soul you are, I bow in front of you with respect and love!

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