Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Plumeria rubra

Plumeria rubra is a deciduous plant species belonging to the genus Plumeria. Its common names are Red Frangipani, Common Frangipani, Temple Tree, or simply Plumeria. Originally native to Mexico, Central America, Colombia and Venezuela, it has been widely cultivated in subtropical and tropical climates worldwide and is a popular garden and park plant, as well as being used in temples and cemeteries. It grows as a spreading tree to 7-8 m (20-25 ft) high and wide, and is flushed with fragrant flowers of shades of pink, white and yellow over the summer and autumn. You can find various variegated flowers and dwarf varieties, seen wildly in India, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Srilanka.

Recently toured Halebedu, a world heritage tourist site with Vanitha Chandrashegaram , a friend from Malaysia. We did the main temple complex, and wanted to take her to the older Jain temples and Bruhadeshawara temple, which is about 20 minutes walk from the main temple complex. Road that leads are Badly maintained with popping , sharp edged stones mixed with mud and soil,cow dung, dumped trash,scattered plastic bags and bottles. With no sign or direction boards , that would make things easier for travelers to visit the site. The Archeological survive Board should take care of these major works to keep the tourist flow. Instead , we found a tree which stood for years , bearing wide yellow scented flowers commonly called a “Temple plant” In local language we say “Devaganugale, or Deva kanuglehuvu”, was cut down and rooted up, Which we found was not inhuman and quite unnecessary!

These actions show how knowledgeable these people are, who have been given authority to keep the tourist interest and to be given the best, of rather than what expected. How long will this go in Indian cities? Don’t you all think, they are absurd and morons? Instead of improving the required measures, how true is it to cut down a tree that can survive for more than 300 years and was not affecting any of the view or was not on the road or was blocking anything. The tree in the picture must be about 80-90 year old and would have lived for 200 more years. Dear friends kindly note everything happening around us. This is not just one act, which we should be ashamed off. There are many in the same line. It’s our responsibility and duty to keep our nation go more green and make a better place for not only humans , but all those living beings which equally share the system and in its balance. Don’t allow people or any authorities to cut down the trees unnecessarily. In the name of improvement and development, which we have never seen personally happening in India since 10 years, expect for unhealthy political developments and improvements in their personal gains in terms of their personal bank balance, property and party funds. (This happens when we have people who are just formally educated, but not socially, this happens when they are made to think about money not the nation). Everything has to be stopped, build unity friends; they are trying to divide us every day. BUILD UNITY.


  1. we should initiate some steps towards our local problems. just by reading an posting views the matter will not solve. for solid steps we should be conscious an openhearted for the problems our surroundings are facing. by this post i remembered an moment the chipko moment. so we have to decide what we will offer our future the beautiful green land or the concrete forest.

  2. Indeed Rajdeep Ji! Most of us are trying, But trying hands are not sufficient! We have more than 100,00,000 people, but only about 20-30 thousand people through India are conscious about it! We need at least 50,00,000 people to help us do it! There are thousands of organization, but doing nothing,except for making money, taking in consideration or involved with politicians!