Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Pillars have philosophical, psychological, mental, physical, Spiritual value meanings to Life .It is materialistic for most of the people and fail to see how it compliments life as said above!

Perception of seeing things really change, especially anything materialistic we see, equally has values emotionally! A pillar is not just a supportive material or used to support a roof of any building or a temple, but they had an appreciation of supporting a whole structure ,that is being built to keep it as a place for worship or a place for work of a place for residing ! The connection of a pillar or the pillars in anybody’s life is as strong as our emotional connection to any of our own creation.

What if a pillar falls or gets damaged?

It is simple, its gonna weaken the whole structure or the whole structure will collapse. In the same way, every pillar in our life has its appreciative value. It refers to any of our strong building block of our life, which supports us through out , or could be any person who would always be a backbone, or materialistically anything that counts in building or shaping up our life.

What if a pillar get neglected?

As I said above, it might weaken the whole structure or the whole structure will collapse. In the same way in our life , we have several pillars that supports us , holds us, strengthens us. For an example : To build up a business to keep the business on,the basic pillars are, the goods supply, the supplier, a distributor , customers, place and money! Just imagine any of one thing missing in the whole process.

Equally in life we have different pillars such as, body, mind, thoughts and perceptions, principles, soul and self respect! As all are connected to form a structure that is “us”. If One thing looses, then the whole life loses its meaning to the “self”.


  1. PILLARS give a sensation of recursion suggesting infinite depth......