Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Magic chemistry and silence!

Shruti Gopal And Parshwanath S. Upadhye.

Best of one should say, and speak on what an artist is, which meets with his interpretation and perception. The clarity of language delivery, its presentation and skills are able to reach others only when there is a bridge, connecting different souls with remarkable approach to the chosen medium, which can be an art, which can be anything that swings with presence of the self. An Art is always from the heart that one should experience. Art is the inner joy of an artist, who feels its vibration, its presence generating Goosebumps on to the viewers! I personally being a dancer, being an artist, was melt in the arms of dance, music and the spirit.

22nd August 2011, a day when I found a student in me with the blissful performance by a lovely couple. I was silent, with no words to express my gratitude to those lovely loving couples for the evening in Prashanti! It’s my friend Parshwanath S. Upadhye and gorgeous shruti Gopal whose feet’s are tied with the love and affection of Lord himself! Art comes with dedication, which includes practice, commitment and understanding the whole of it”. This is definitely a key for their success.

There was an amalgamation of aesthetic s, Music, dance and the presence. The chemistry between them drew the whole gathering to a state of silence! Define characteristic according to the requirement, the subtlety, its delicate identity with their expression reached the audience with no doubt! Sharp eyes, crisp movements were dynamic and continuous. All the compositions were enjoyed well but Composition Hanuman stood being one of the best of Parshwanath ‘s solo. This was widely appreciated and accepted well.

It was indeed an immense pleasure watching Shruti in Lasya performing here best with vivid techniques and skillful expressions to sharp parshwanth’s tandava.

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