Monday, July 11, 2011

Dance and Life!

I never really knew myself until I realized the importance of Art in my life. Not just as a Dancer but as an Artist. It has given me a way of discipline and focus to my life in the way I have always wanted. As An Artist, I am sensible, simple and project what I feel through my Art. As a Dancer I wishfully communicate with the self , and continue to explore the capabilities of my soul! " Dance the way that you have never danced before", is my motto. As I fix it for the day, it provokes me to focus more on my work, passion and joy. Art is not a restriction, nor is it dangerous, but it is a language, an expression, a divine feeling of space and presence of the present. It can be expressed by an individuals choice! No one can restrict it or command it. Dance is not just a perception or a disciplined structured art form, the way people make it to be today. It should not just be aesthetically beautiful, but it is also the expression of the inner joy, passion, imagination, perception, creativity, thoughts that make it more rich,colorful and attractive.

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